Monumental Organ of San Domenico

The Pontifical Organ Dom Bedos-Roubo Benedict XVI is in the church of San Domenico that has been restored since 1994. The church had been used by the French as military headquarters and robbed of every possible décor in the Napoleonic era. The organ pipes, famous because they were twisted, were removed from the church by boys who used them as pifferi (reed pipes) and played them in the street.

The new organ was built by Bartolomeo Formentelli inspired by two French masters who wished to be remembered in the name of the instrument.

The instrument, installed at the end of the nave, is 14 meters high, around 9,5 meters wide and deep. It consists of 4054 pipes, 57 registers on 5 keyboards and pedal boards. Many of the pipes are engraved with the name of someone who has paid a small contribution for its creation.



Guide of Rieti

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