Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP

The term mozzarella derives from “cutting off”, that is the manual cutting of the spun paste made with thumb and forefinger.

Already in the twelfth century the monks of the Monastery of San Lorenzo in Capua offered a “mozza or provatura” with a piece of bread to the pilgrims who went in procession into the Church. But the term “mozzarella” appears for the first time in the sixteenth century (1570) in a cooking text by Scappi, the papal court cook.

In the late nineteenth century at Aversa was formed the famous “Taverna”, a particular wholesale market of mozzarella and ricotta di bufala, a sort of ‘commodity exchange’.

The origins of the buffalo mozzarella are linked to the introduction of these animals into Italy around 1000 by the Norman kings in Sicily.

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