Canepina - Museo delle tradizioni popolari by Pietro Minella

Museum of Popular Traditions

The museum is divided into twenty sections that show the tools and tell the story of the farmers, crafts in the town and countryside and the lives of women and families.

The Museum is housed in the convent adjoining the church of Saint Michael Archangel.

During the refurbishment several frescoes emerged that had decorated the cloister, the hall on the ground floor and the staircase walls. The cycle of paintings dates back to the period between 1610 and 1627 and was performed by three masters of the school of Giuseppe Sebastiani from Macerata, who at the time worked for the Cardinal Odoardo Farnese Palace in Caprarola.

According to the dictates of the Council of Trento (1545 – 1563) all the monastic cloisters and monasteries had to be painted with the stories of the most representative of their holy orders.

Other paintings emerged from the mid-1700s by the Viterbo Domenico Corvi.

Guide of Canepina

Guide of Canepina

Canepina is located on the slopes of Monte Cimino and its name comes from the large hemp plantations that were […]