Museum of the Prehistory of Tuscia and of the Rocca Farnese

The museum is located in the Rocca Farnese and is divided into two parts: one dedicated to prehistory and the other to the castle. In the first section there are many relics from the villages submerged in the Lake Mezzano and dated between 2400 and 1100 BC.

The second section begins with the period of the Lombard domination and comes from the eighteenth century. Note the rich collection of ‘thrown away’ ceramics , the pieces of ceramic thrown out by the castle, among which is the matrimonial plate of Pier Luigi Farnese and Gerolama Orsini 1519.

The visit to the Rocca Farnese, which was inhabited by the family from the middle of 1400s until the destruction of Castro, includes an interesting architectural and artistic itinerary in which you visit the so-called “Court of Love”, the well of Sangallo, the Paul III lodge and the “Scala Santa”. From the top of the great octagonal tower you can enjoy an incredible view of the entire valley.


Guide of Valentano

Guide of Valentano

Valentano has an excellent hillside location from which they control the valleys below. Its origins are very old, as evidenced […]