Necropolis of Colle del Forno

The necropolis of Montelibretti dates back to the Sabine period, an older population than that of the Romans, and comes from the seventh century BC. It is located in the site of the ancient city of Eretum (now within the CNR) and the graves were discovered in 1970.

The ‘Tomb of the Prince’ is very important. He was buried with a valuable set of equipment including a horse-drawn carriage decorated with bronze plates, bronze harnesses and bronze vessels for horses, spits and irons. In addition to dignitaries and priests, a grave of a king was found characterized by a clay throne and sacrifices of horses.

Guide of Montelibretti

Guide of Montelibretti

Montelibretti is located northeast of Rome, in the Sabine area, near the Tiber Valley and the Via Salaria. The name […]