Torre Cajetani- Nicola Paoloni (3)

Old Village

Today the traces of the past come to life through the same symbol of the town, the Castle, a tangible sign of historical continuity, a living witness of the Middle Ages and the period of the greatest splendour of this village, whose heart, with winding lanes and ancient churches that have welcomed precious paintings, confirms the medieval atmosphere.

To make it all enjoyable to an attentive and interested tourist, the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of Torre Cajetani has been enclosed in the “Museum” section, considering the whole town as a true outdoor museum.

Guide of Torre Cajetani

Guide of Torre Cajetani

Torre Cajetani is located on a hilltop of the Ernici Mountains, overlooking the entire Anticolana Valley, the one with Fiuggi […] Torre Cajetani Guide