Olive Oil Festival

Culture, enogastronomy and fun for the summer weekends in July.

Fondi is a charming town sitting on a hill and surrounded by olive and orange groves. The type of soil and the optimal climate brought on by its closeness to the sea make it a favourable environment for the Itrana Olive to grow and thrive, a cultivar much appreciated by expert foodies and by whoever is looking for a tasty and nutritious oil.

The Itrana species is better known as the “Gaeta Olive” which was the port from where it was embarked on ships to reach dining tables all over the country.

In July, Fondi has dedicated a Festival of the Olive Oil, rigorously produced with Itrana Olives, to make this local oil be known far and wide during a relaxed and festive occasion.

Like every year the event will be held in the Curtignano area and will be accompanied by food stands with tastings of oil and products sourced by small local businesses.

Guide of Fondi

Guide of Fondi

According to legend Fondi was created by Hercules. Fondi has been a trading post for the Greeks, the Etruscans and […]