Palazzo Conti Gentili (Counts Gentili Palace)

The building dates from the thirteenth century and is located on Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore. It was expanded in 1532 by Giovanni Tuzi, said to be Turkish, and in 1583 by Carlo Conti, who turned it into a Renaissance palace.

In 1721 the property passed to the City which turned it into a Palace for study.

The palace is attached to the Church of the Piarists, built in 1745, and for two centuries was also the home of the College of the Pious Schools, ruled by the religious community of the Piarist Fathers. The college was also a boarding school for many young people who wanted to study.

On the facade of the building is a large sundial made in 1867 by Angelo Secchi which determines the ‘true’ time and ‘average’ time between ten o’clock and 4pm.

Today the building houses the high school, the Luigi Ceci town library, some public offices and a branch of the Faculty of Law of University of Sapienza with the Riccardo Orestano legal seminary.

The library is also keeper of a copy of the Articles of 1582 Alatri while in the physics laboratory of the high school is a ‘Armillary Sphere’, i.e. a spherical astrolabe consists of rings, signed by Giacomo Lusverg in Rome in 1669.alatr

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