Regina Music Festival

During the month of August, in the splendid setting of the Baronial Castle of Maenza, the Regina Music Festival has been held since 2015. It is an artistic festival of great quality that during the four evenings in August accompanies the spectators on a journey through classical and popular music, opera and theatre.

The festival was created to encourage the encounter between musical forms, different styles and mixes, to make the spectator travel with imagination and expand knowledge.

Musicians from Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Italy perform by giving the public personal and intimate interpretations, sometimes melancholy and sometimes lively. The concert unites all performers in a fusion of music, theatre and singing.

The festival opens in the main hall of the castle and other performances take place in the castle gardens and in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo.

Picture by Stefano De Rita

By rummaging among old scores, the musicians make a journey through time, from Vivaldi to the improvised styles of popular music.

The Association Regina Musica, which promotes the festival, is engaged in the vision of music without borders, which creates bridges between classical music and the classical style transcriptions of famous popular songs.

You could imagine the music as if it were the queen of the castlewaiting to be visited to enchant the hearts of the visitors. As every other year, the idea behind the festival is the “crossover” concept with the marriage between classic, modern composition and other forms of art. 

The soul of Regina Musica is Fulvia Mancini, a brilliant italian cellist dedicated to chamber music for strings and the repertoire for duo with piano. The cellist from the province of Latina, appreciated all over the world, has embellished the editions of the festival bringing 2 of her projects in the rooms of the Castle of Maenza: the Duo Athena with Irene Puccia at the piano, and with the cellist Massimiliano Martinelli the Duo Mr & Mrs Cello, a fantastic project dedicated to classical and pop music.

From right to left: Fulvia Mancini, Irene Puccia and Massimiliano Martinelli

In addition to the already mentioned, the most important artists who have performed on the stage of the Castle of Maenza include:

the San Carlo Theater Quartet, Stefano Severini, Giuseppe Infantino, Klizia Prestìa, Ines Tuttolomondo, the Catalan music of the guitarist Ferran Savall, the Swiss tenor Jonas Iten, the actor and director Alessandro Mario, the clarinetist Francesco Belli, the Trio Kyomei, the Latina Philharmonia Orchestra.

“Music knows no boundaries, neither language nor religion, but vibrates in unison with people’s hearts”. Festival Regina Musica presents classical music in a new guise.

Free entry.

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