Ripi Folk Music Festival

The Ripi Festival of Popular Music was started recently and the first edition took place in 2017 in this medieval centre near Frosinone famous for the tomb of Queen Camilla of the Volsci and for the ancient oil wells.

The streets of the centre of Ripi have been pervaded by the colours and rhythms of the popular traditions of central and southern Italy. In the first “white night” it was possible to participate in a free workshop of traditional dances accompanied by itinerant musicians, followed by the evening concerts of the Sancto Ianne and Terra Nostra. In the second evening Giuliano Gabriele Ensemble and BandAcornice performed.

Ripi is famous for its local cuisine and next to the music you can taste fried artichokes, sweet and sour onions and the Ciociarian rabbit.

Guide of Ripi

Guide of Ripi

Ripi, the name comes from the Latin for bank, which means shore, and perhaps refers to a lake that has […]