Sanctuary of the Madonna della Salute

The sanctuary dates back to the second half of the fifteenth century and was the place of exile of the chief bandit Francesco Portici who had handed himself in spontaneously to the authorities. Here he built a crude chapel with stones collected on the site and displayed for veneration by a painting of the Virgin and Child in her arms. The painting was called with the name of the hermit: “The Madonna of Cecchino ” (diminutive for Francesco).

When he died in the late fifteenth century, the chapel was already a destination for pilgrims and the Shrine had phases of splendour and decline. In 1506, some monks of the order of St. Augustine converted the shrine to a church with an altar dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Health “.

The church has an organ of 1852 with deep and expressive sounds.

Guide of Valentano

Guide of Valentano

Valentano has an excellent hillside location from which they control the valleys below. Its origins are very old, as evidenced […]