Sol Invictus, Light unveils the Secrets of the Temple

On the day of the winter solstice, from 7:45 am in the wonderful Romanesque Basilica of Sant’Elia in Castel Sant’Elia, visitors can get excited by observing natural light plays.

The impressive effects of light that occur in the Basilica are explained by the voice of the scholar who discovered them: Stefano Cavalieri. The light of the sun paints the basilica from dawn to dusk opening the doors to the sky, and reveals the secrets explained in the essay by Cavalieri, entitled “The Winter Temple”.

The event was conceived by the medieval architect who created the space of the Church.

At sunrise, from 8 am to 9:15 am, visitors will be able to see progressively in the Basilica: the lighting of the transept and the apse, the effects of light in the Crypt, the lighting of the Portal and the beginning of a path of light on the columns of the north aisle.

Finally at 13.30 you can watch other plays of light through the alignment of light from the single-pane windows on the south side with those of the north side aisle.

Picture by Maria Luisa Graziani

During Sol Invictus, frescoes are an integral part of the program. The last image is of an artifact that is located inside the Basilica. The book presented during Sol Invictus shows this image on the cover and in the essay is written all that happens and above all the reasons why it happens.

Castel Sant’Elia is a growing community. It is endeavouring to show the spiritual aspect that has always distinguished this community. Castel Sant’Elia is a place to visit for exciting events surrounded by nature and unique landscapes.

Experiencing the projection of light in the Basilica, which is repeated every year during this winter solstice, is an appointment to not miss that will bring to life a truly exceptional event.

The whole town is ready to receive all those interested in the event from the first light of dawn.

The local Pro Loco will welcome tourists by serving hot chocolate and typical local biscuits for a good and unusual Christmas breakfast. Waiting for  the sign of a unique and promising light.

Each of us has a pair of wings but only those seeking the mystery and dreams learn to fly“.

Guide of Castel Sant’Elia

Guide of Castel Sant’Elia

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