State Nature Reserve and Protected Sea Area

The islands of Ventotene and San Stefano hold an inestimable heritage of culture, history and nature. It is precisely for these reasons that Ventotene has become a State Nature Reserve and a Marine Protected Area, to preserve and give to all, into the future, the possibility of visiting these unique places.
One of the important natural features is that involving the millions of birds that choose the two islands in their migratory routes between Europe and Africa. Also worthy of note is the presence of a spontaneous flora that constitutes an important habitat for food and as a temporary shelter for birdlife.
The Protected Marine Area covers an area of approximately 2800 hectares with 3 degrees of protection: from the Zone A (with the best preserved marine biological characteristics), to the Zone B (tourist allowed with limitations) to Zone C (daily human activities only if compatible with the well-being of the places).
The excellent quality of the water and its transparency favours the presence of an extensive range of “forest of the sea”, a habitat of numerous species of fish, molluscs and crustaceans. Offshore you can find fish such as amberjack, tuna, corvine, but also sea turtles as well as dolphins and other cetaceans, even sperm whales.
Below the coast, along the cliffs, octopuses, bream, rainbow fish, red snapper, groupers and a multitude of other “fish”, as well as molluscs and animals that are fixed on the rocks, such as sponges and rare madrepore (coral).

Guide of Ventotene

Guide of Ventotene

Ventotene is an island of the Pontine archipelago, originally called Pandataria and said to be “the island of the sirens” […]