The Chianina

Despite, today, its breeding not being geographically circumscribed, the Chianina cattle breed is an integral part of the traditions of many municipalities in the Val di Chiana, in Tuscany and Umbria. A Chianina calf is given as a prize to the winner of football in costume, held annually in Florence. In Siena during the Passeggiata del Palio, four Chianina oxen pull the Carroccio (ox-cart) on which is hoisted the drape that will be given as a prize to the winner; in Città della Pieve the Carroccio of the Terziere Castello is also driven by the mighty Chianina bulls.

The Chianina breed, of course, gives gourmets the famous steak “Fiorentina”. On the last weekend of June in the City of Sestino the “Festival of the Chianina steak” is celebrated; while every August in Cortona there is the famous “Steak Festival” where every year thousands of chianine are cooked on a 14 meters long grill.

Guide of Città della Pieve

Guide of Città della Pieve

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