The Spinsters Festival

The feast in honor of the patron Saint Nicholas of Bari is reported as a religious event in the Statute of 1627, and provides for the procession and two special events.

On 6 December, after the religious services and the morning procession dedicated to San Nicola, Ponzano Romano hosts the traditional Festa delle Zitelle. The Municipality selects all unmarried girls who have turned eighteen and have not passed thirty-four. The names are placed in an old compass, kept in the old town hall.

After extracting a name, the local authorities, accompanied by the band, go to the lucky house and give her a small symbolic gift, wishing her and all the other unmarried girls to be able to find a husband as soon as possible.

The next day this “Zitella” has a prominent place in the Sunday religious procession and in the Bruschetta Festival. A day of festivities all over the country with songs, dances and wine.




Guide of Ponzano Romano

Guide of Ponzano Romano

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