Via Consolare and the Via Francigena

The route follows an ancient path of the Volsci on the Lepini mountains that connected the north and the south avoiding the marshes of the Pontine plain. Along this way, or in its branches, the centres of Cora, Norba, Ninfa, Valvisciolo, Sulmo / Sermoneta, Setia, Pipernum, Terracina were established at regular distances typical of the post offices for horse changing.
Today this is the path that the travellers who trek along the Via Francigena del Sud use, the one that connects Rome with Brindisi, the port from which pilgrims went to the Holy Land.

Guide of Sermoneta

Guide of Sermoneta

Sermoneta is located in a strategic place, along the Piedmont road that connected Rome and Naples after the Appian Way […]