Via Francigena: 100 km from Rome

Via Francigena is the “road originating in France”, a name that also included the Rhine Valley and the Netherlands. It was an important connecting route between the north and south of Europe, along which passed merchants, armies and pilgrims.

Montefiascone is located 100 km from the tomb of St. Peter in Rome, and here the pilgrims could get the ‘Testimonium’, the document attesting having made the pilgrimage to Rome.

– TAPPA (Stage) Via Francigena: from Bolsena to Montefiascone

The path has a length of 18.2 km and is of medium difficulty. It starts from the lake and winds through olive groves and scrubland until you reach the top of the hill where Montefiascone is located. Here on the square hosting the statue of the pilgrim you can enjoy an incredible 360° view and in particular understand the beauty of the lake.

Possibility of water supply is only in the first part of the route.

– TAPPA (Stage) Via Francigena: from Montefiascone a Viterbo

The path has a length of 17.8 km and is of medium difficulty. It starts from Montefiascone following for a while the ancient flagstones of the Via Cassia, and descends into the plain that then leads to Viterbo.

Here you can relax at the Bagnaccio spa, a series of hot water pools, talked about by pilgrims who have travelled this route for centuries.

The arrival in Viterbo is in the district of San Pellegrino. There is little water and no refreshment points along the way.

Guide of Montefiascone

Guide of Montefiascone

Montefiascone experienced good fortune in the Roman period, thanks to the Via Cassia, and in the Middle Ages the fortress […]