Vignanello Wine Festival

Every year, from 10 to 15 August, Vignanello celebrates its excellent product: Vignanello DOC.

A tradition that probably dates back to the Falischi, the population that lived before the Romans in these territories, as shown by some representations in ancient tombs that represent people who drink wine in cups.

Vignanello is an excellent white and red wine produced from mixtures of grapes from local vines all falling within the DOC area.

An event that starts from Castello Ruspoli with a peasant procession in which the famous flag-wavers take part crossing the streets of the village.

The food and wine section is organized with a circuit of typical products of the Agro Falisco to make known the particularities of this area that in addition to wine offers many other excellences and typical dishes.

All the evenings are enlivened by live music while excursions are organized to get to know the village of Vignanello with its ‘Connutti’, the network of underground galleries that runs through the town touching the Ruspoli Castle. It seems that they were built by the Faliscans or by the Etruscans to collect the water from the subsoil.

Guide of Vignanello

Guide of Vignanello

The history of Vignanello begins in the ninth century BC, when it was home to a Villanovan settlement. It was […]