Isola del Liri- Villa Nota-Pisani by Archivio bruno Ceroli

Villa Nota-Pisani

The villa was built in the nineteenth century by Carlo Lefebvre when he took over the paper mill and came to live in Isola del Liri. Carlo was a French financier and industrialist who had arrived in Italy following Napoleon Buonaparte during the Italian Campaign and was in charge of tax collection. As a result of this he became acquainted with Isola del Liri and the potential offered by the availability of hydraulic power.

The style of the house recalls Paris and its realization was entrusted to French workers. We can therefore say that the villa has an eclectic style and was immersed in a large park of tall trees that today has been reduced to about one hectare, while the large trees remain in all areas adjacent to the house.

The interiors are frescoed by trompe-l’oeil and decorated with artistic wallpaper. Here King Ferdinand II of Bourbon stayed during his visit to the industrial area of Isola del Liri.

Guide of Isola del Liri

Guide of Isola del Liri

Isola del Liri is named after a small island that was formed just behind the waterfall of the Liri River. […]