Villa Savorelli

The majestic villa with park date back to the eighteenth century and were built by the Marquis Muti-Papazzurri. When in late 1700 the family died out, the villa was inherited by the Savorelli Conti, hence the name, and then was purchased by the City of Sutri.

The villa has a Renaissance style and an Italian garden with a labyrinth of box hedges and a fountain in lava stone, and circular bathtub with a rich central decoration.

The facade of the villa has horizontal bands in peperino and the portal is decorated with ‘bosses’. The windows of the various levels are aligned and the palace is adorned with four marble busts. The interior has been much altered over the centuries.

Guide of Sutri

Guide of Sutri

Sutri stands on an imposing tuff relief along the Via Cassia north of Rome and its ancient Etruscan origins are […]