VinoIntorno: great wines in the Land of Cesanese

In June on 16th and 17th, in Olevano Romano, a small municipality on the hillside between the Latini Valley and the Aniene Valley, Vinointorno, the event dedicated to quality food and wine, is staged.

The small town turns into a real sensory journey where it is possible to taste and discover food and wine, in a path of enjoyment, education and information to increase one’s level of food and wine culture.

Each wine has its own history, an ancient story. From the Greek Symposium on wine there comes truth and deception. Wine is the mirror of man, a product that combines tradition with novelty. More and more young people are approaching this drink, they taste and become interested in enology. Consumed in moderation it is a companion for parties, anniversaries and happy moments.

The event, organized by Extrawine in collaboration with Il Gourmet Errante, offers the public a true tasting path during which there are stations that offer enthusiasts the opportunity to discover “products and crafts”.

The best products of the companies present are on show. It is a festival that counts over 100 companies from South Tyrol to Sicily, called to promote the best of Italian wine culture in a land that boasts a gastronomic history as old as delicious.

It is a right occasion to savour the best statements of local cuisine, the result of the search for quality products. The restaurants and taverns of Olevano Romano offer dishes rich in tradition and innovation that represent the culinary varieties of the area. While on the way, you can try different experiences with street food.

The event is an opportunity to appreciate a landscape full of light and colours that became famous in the nineteenth century thanks to the work of German, Danish and French painters and then made famous by the Cesanese DOC wine, from the vine that characterizes the area.

Parallel to the “tastings” (which will also give prominence to the wines of Cesanese) there will be seminars and tastings that will feature the cellars, speakers of renown and experts in the field.

The revival of tourism in this area on the border between the Valle dei Latini and the Aniene passes through the special characteristics of the territory of enogastronomy and the production of Cesanese

Guide of Olevano Romano

Guide of Olevano Romano

The Olevano Romano centre is predates the Roman era as shown by the remains of the walls of polygonal architecture […]