Way of St. Benedict of Contigliano

The Abbey of San Pastore is one of the stops along the Way of St. Benedict, which follows the path walked by the saint during his life. From Norcia, his town of birth  to the first major stage in Subiaco, where he lived in hermitage and together with his twin sister Santa Scolastica, established many monasteries for monks and nuns.

The journey then proceeds to its final stage of Montecassino where Saint Benedict founded the famous monastery and its rule “Ora et Labora” which can be said to have marked the resumption of a socio-economic structure of the territories after the chaos caused by the end of the Western Roman Empire and the various barbarian invasions.

Guide of Contigliano

Guide of Contigliano

Contigliano, is surrounded by nature and including chestnut and oak trees and is rich in spring water. The area has […]