Guide of Giuliano di Roma

Giuliano di Roma is located between the valley of the Sacco river and the dell’Amaseno river. Its name comes from the medieval Castrum luliani, the castle around which the medieval village was formed, as documented in 1125 in the pages of the “Chronicle” of the Abbey of Fossanova.

Due to its location along a strategic road network, the town has been the subject of numerous ‘sacks’ to open up continuous passages for troops in the area. The town has provided a break for celebrities such as Innocent III, for which in 1208 he staged a very rich feast, and there was a carousel. The town has been ruled by different families: the de Ceccano until the fourteenth century, then the Caetani and finally the Colonna.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century bandits backed by the population were present.

Giuliano was badly damaged during World War II because in the town a short but intense battle was fought. Many Giulianesi subsequently emigrated.