Guide of Proceno

Proceno is a small Lazio town near Tuscany and tradition attributes its foundation to the Etruscan king Porsenna. One day, during a hunt, he was wounded by a boar and decided to spend the night in a forest surrounded by rivers.

The coat of arms of Proceno encapsulates its history: the head of a wild boar (King Porsenna), the keys of St. Peter (for his long membership to the Papal States) and the half-moon (for participation in the Battle of Lepanto).

Around one thousand AD the first castrum was erected. It was a fortified building to protect the inhabitants from invasion. Like many fortresses, this one was enhanced over time and also took on the appearance of an aristocratic residence for the various feudal lords who happened to control Proceno.

Due to its geographical location at the fringe of the Papal States, since the time of the Guelphs and Ghibellines, Proceno has changed allegiance many times but always came back under the control of the Papal States.

The guide of Proceno

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