Guide of Veroli

Veroli was founded by the Ernici a thousand years before Christ. It has always been an ally of Rome which gave it the title of municipium.

Deeply religious, according to tradition Veroli was Christianized by Santa Salome, one of the holy women of the Gospel, the mother of the apostles James the Greater and John the Evangelist. St. Benedict passed here in 529 A.D. and in the eighth century it was already a bishopric and “Patrimonium Sancti Petri”.

In 1035 the Abbey of Casamari was founded which, in the mid-twelfth century was introduced to the Cistercian Order, and was among the most important in Europe. Also here the establishment of municipalities was founded, first documented in 1134 by the witness of the consuls in southern Lazio.

Veroli is famous for handicrafts such as working of copper and iron, ceramics, fabrics.

In 1538 the first public school of letters and rhetoric was established by the Franks brothers. In 1600 the construction of the Seminary was begun and in 1773 Giovardiana Library was founded for the benefit of all citizens.

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