Sausage and Broccoletti: Coriander sausage from Monte San Biagio and chiacchietegli broccoli from Priverno

Grandma’s sausage! Indeed, this recipe for Sausage and Broccoletti is one of the workhorses of all the grandmothers of lower Lazio, from Latina to Frosinone to Cassino.

Historically it seems to have been born between Monte San Biagio and Priverno where two typical products are produced and recognized as true gastronomic excellences: the Coriander Sausage of Monte San Biagio, which dates back to the Saracen raids, and the Broccoletti of Priverno, known in this area as “chiacchietegli“.

Before describing the recipe and its reinterpretation we make a brief reference to the beauty of the places where these excellent products come from.

Monte San Biagio is inside one of the last cork oak forests where pigs were once raised. It has a very ancient history and this place was where the Romans defeated Hannibal, the famous Carthaginian general who wanted to conquer Rome.

Through Monte San Biagio the ancient Via Appia passed and it was a border town between the Papal States and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies: one can visit the Portella, the ancient customs house. In the village many stories still circulate about the brigands who lived on these mountains.

A festival is dedicated to the sausage on the first Sunday in March.

Priverno, in the Amaseno valley, is one of the most pleasant villages of Lazio. The ancient pre-Roman and Roman city is located in the plains while the medieval village is located on a nearby hill. This was the home of Queen Camilla of the Volsci fights against the Trojans of Aeneas according to the story told by Virgil. The many historical finds are located in the splendid Archaeological Museum in the main square of the ancient village.

On the plain there is one of the masterpieces of sacred art: the Abbey of Fossanova with its intact medieval village. The church was born on a Roman villa and was consecrated around 1200 and entrusted to the Cistercian monks.

Broccoli is cultivated near the Amaseno: and a festival is dedicated to these vegetables in February.

The simplicity of success, in the case of our reinterpretation, lies in the fact that it is based on fast cooking and very few steps.


Sausage: fry the outer part of the sausages until browned and then blend with white wine. Lower the heat to a minimum and cook for 10 minutes with the lid on. Check in case you need to add a little water.

Broccoli: bring a pot with 4 fingers of water to the boil and dip in the well washed broccoli. Cook 5 minutes, then drain and cool with a little cold water.

Cream of potato with black pepper: stew a potato until it is very soft and whisk it helping if necessary by adding a little oil or a little water to give it the right consistency, plus add black pepper to taste.

Sauce of cooked sausages: reduce the cooking liquid of the sausages to the thickness of icing.

Cream of broccoletti: blend the broccoletti with the help of adding a little oil or a little water to give it the right consistency.


On a flat plate, lay out the three sauces with the help of a teaspoon, drawing them in circles from a height of 5/6 cm high. Add the sausages and the broccoli according to taste.

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