Popular music festivals in Ciociaria: where to dance in the square

One summer evening,when you are visiting one of the nearly 100 towns of Ciociaria, it could happen that you will be attracted by what is ancient music that will make you want to dance in the square.

Just let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the music to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere and enter the world of famous Ciociarian traditions. You’ve arrived at a popular music festival.

A festival consists of one or more days of music and in the summer the villages of Ciociaria and other provinces of Lazio become stages for the rhythms and dances of central and southern Italy, especially the saltarello.

The popular music festivals in Ciociaria are all free and are an opportunity to listen, participate and dance in the square at concerts – and more. During these performances, the visitor can have practical experiences with local folk music.

Maybe you can learn to play one of the many traditional musical instruments, learn some steps of popular dances. You can enjoy yourself in gastronomic tables and have fun in itinerant music events in the streets of the town centre. You can see exhibitions of traditional musical instruments, exhibitions and marketing of dairy specialities, exhibitions and craft market.

And again: you can follow the folk music groups, or listen to stories about traditional products, take guided tours in nature, visit historic buildings open to the public only on the occasion of the festivals.

What is striking is the love and passion of musicians for the traditions of their land. These artists have sought the music and traditional dances of southern Lazio to present them with a new original style that gives vivid sensations to the public.

In addition to festivals, in Ciociaria you can listen to good music in many other events and festivals, practically every town hosts events with musical groups and you can dance in the square with traditional music.

And now we leave for a trip to the popular music festivals in Ciociaria. It is a list in no particular order as each festival is particular and different from the other, with a link to their detailed information for those who want to take a musical journey to discover the territories.

Each of these festivals is worth experiencing at least once.

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