The Best Jazz Festivals of Southern Lazio

In summer, in the towns on the coast of Southern Lazio, some of the most interesting and entertaining jazz festivals in Italy are staged. A magic that is renewed every year in the pleasant natural places and the beautiful historical sites of which the southern Pontino and the Tyrrhenian coast has a full complement.

Among the players it is easy to listen to the big names of Italian and foreign jazz, and high quality music programmes are the result of reviews built over the years and a growing international credibility. Often jazz is combined with different styles creating new and pleasant sounds. For this ‘not only in summer’, some of these festivals have extended their season and present concerts throughout the year.

Jazz music festivals in the province of Latina promote improvised original music that blends the fresh sounds of contemporary jazz with the sea. In concerts improvisation, experimentation, tradition and discovery dominate, bringing to the public authentic musical projects combined with beach parties. Some of these festivals bring jazz to the beach by proposing concerts by the sea at sunset, to combine the beauty of the promenade with the sensual sounds of jazz.

These jazz music festivals are also a combination of music and taste, and in some selected restaurants, they offer tourists and music lovers special menus at a discounted and inexpensive price in which to taste the local dishes.

And while waiting for the concerts, the afternoons can be used for cultural meetings, dj-sets and workshops for children. Almost all the concerts are free or, in some cases, with a low cost subscription, you can participate in all the events.

Below is a list of the Southern Lazio Jazz Festivals with a link to their detailed information for those who want to attend one of the performances and take a musical journey to discover the territories:


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