Notte di San Lorenzo - Zagarolo

Contests and festivals for San Lorenzo in Zagarolo

The week long festivities for San Lorenzo, patron saint of Zagarolo, involve both religion and tradition. At night on the day of San Lorenzo, 10 August, there is the night of falling stars celebrating with glasses of wine, and beside these festivities is the religious festival. Zagarolo is a jewel of artistic beauty, the triumph … Continued

Zagarolo Palazzo Rospigliosi

Ghost of Zagarolo: a pilgrim on Francigena Way

A special part of history took place inside the Rospigliosi Palace where the ghost of Zagarolo is condemned to follow the Francigena Way. The Francigena Way is the path that many pilgrims travelled in the Middle Ages from the north of Europe to Rome, to the tomb of St. Peter. Some went on to Brindisi, … Continued

So many beautiful people in Zagarolo

On an autumn afternoon, after the annual olive harvest, my daughter Maria and I went to Zagarolo, a town we had always known only by the train stop, where a group of wonderful people had organized a two-day “resilience” at Palazzo Rospigliosi. (I must admit that our decision to attendĀ derived from a certain attraction to … Continued