The Pamphilj family and the dream of Panphilia in Valmontone

The Doria Pamphilj family is one of the dynasties that have made history in the Papal and Italian states. The highest point of power was Pope Innocent X’s government in one of the most thriving times. According to some legends the origin dates back to Gens Panphilia of Roman Numa Pompilio, but much more probably … Continued

Zagarolo Palazzo Rospigliosi

Ghost of Zagarolo: a pilgrim on Francigena Way

A special part of history took place inside the Rospigliosi Palace where the ghost of Zagarolo is condemned to follow the Francigena Way. The Francigena Way is the path that many pilgrims travelled in the Middle Ages from the north of Europe to Rome, to the tomb of St. Peter. Some went on to Brindisi, … Continued

Shazia Naqui: a destiny for traveling

Shazia Naqui Carfagna: in her name is contained her fate. Shazia is a name of Persian descent and, like all the names of the children of Urdu culture, was chosen by her parents with a precise meaning: ‘rare’ ‘Princess’ – beauty and royalty. Shazia was born in Karachi, Pakistan, to Indian parents who had moved … Continued

October Pilgrimage: the medieval paths to Rome

Why do thousands of people every day walk along medieval paths to arrive at their final destination, on a pilgrimage that is not only religious? Each walking two trips: one in the real world and one within himself. But let’s see where this story begins the ways that lead to Rome, Santiago de Compostela and … Continued

798, a touch of Beijing art in Rome

When my partner Gavin showed me pictures of art from galleries of 798 precinct in Beijing I had a fit of jealousy. Pictures made me see the intriguing works that provide a bridge between two cultures, which for so many years (since the decline of the Silk Road) have been far apart. Art always precedes … Continued

Maria Greca Surprising Special Jewelry

We are in Piazza di Pietra near the Pantheon. Yes, ancient Rome still alive in modern Rome. Dominating the square are the ten columns and façade of the Temple of Hadrian (Emperor) (Tempio di Adriano). We are seeking Maria Greca. Each column of the temple consists of ten perfectly squared cylindrical marble stones, carved to … Continued

Craftworks amid Paradox

We were drawn to Sub Augusta in Rome on a cool Sunday afternoon by the knowledge that this week artisans from the areas around Rome were presenting their craftworks and maybe demonstrating their various talents. Arriving by Metro I exited towards via Tuscolana and found myself at a large intersection. In front of me on … Continued

araund rome

Fairs around Rome – Paliano

In each month small counties and towns around Rome are teeming with wonderful pageants. Paliano, east of Rome, continues to celebrate its prince Marcantonio Colonna and the victory of Lepanto in 1571, with a parade in fine historic costumes and a Palio of the Ring with horses running through the city. “Countrysides around Rome have … Continued

Love for Rome that is ‘hidden’

Love for Rome is overwhelming and it grew at school when one of our teachers divided the city into sections and each of us had to investigate a certain area. We then learned some of the stories that run “parallel” to those in the books and which only residents knew. One such story concerns the … Continued