The History of Amusement Parks and Magicland

‘Panem and Circenses’, this is how the Romans governed their people and food and fun parks are what is still used today to get the consensus of citizens. But how did the fun parks change? No more real blood of gladiators but still strong excitement that raises the level of adrenaline. The history of modern … Continued

San Luigi Gonzaga, Protector of Youth and the Red Cross

San Luigi Gonzaga is the protector of Youth and the Red Cross for the way he gave his life while young helping others during a serious plague in Rome. Luigi was born fortunate, near Lake Garda in Castiglione delle Stiviere in 1568, because his father was the Marquis of the area appointed by the king … Continued

Rocca Priora: panorama over the eternal city

When for whatever reason I find myself going up to Rocca Priora, it shows me an undeniable panorama from the natural terrace that dominates the skyline from the highest point of the Castelli Romani. The landscape stretches away to all sides: from North to South, and from East to West, the sky is not the … Continued