The Work

Living Stones are sculptures with life in the heart of the stone inlaying its veins and tissue with semiprecious stones, creating ancient images. These sculptures are created from natural stones in the fields and mountains of central Greece. Large natural rocks are sliced and polished and then carved and inlaid with gems and coloured stones to create mosaic sculptures and wall hangings.

They consist of images from ancient stone buildings, dry stone walls, the work of Greece of antiquity and today. Antonis Karakonstandakis has created his mosaic works of stone, the stone on which many cultures were based, from images engraved in his memory.

Antonis creates unique works from his love of Greece, living simply and creating among the local people of his country, and marketing his works of art among the fairs and exhibitions of Greece. He does not advertise but allows word of mouth to attract people who value his bond with natural stone. Energitismo is proud to be his voice.

Antonis Karakonstantakis works with nature, transforming it into art capable of surviving for thousands of years. The blending of nature’s stone colours with the flow of seams in the rocks breathes life into the stone, creating elegant works for the soul.

 Antonis also sculpts in metal, creating ‘giants’ that are installed in public places. He has reproduced some of these works in small scale for private sale. He is currently developing a range of new models.

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