Art and technology combine to create planispheres,globes and elegant maps of the world through manual dexterity and experience in various material processing technologies by three Milanese friends who have decided to turn their hobby into an artistic enterprise.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, spherical and other curved structures have been subject of projections to convert those surfaces to two dimensional representations. What are now complex and elegant computer processed fourier transforms, arose from the mathematics of 2,500 years ago. Nevertheless, little has changed in how we present maps of the Earth, how we generate maps and planispheres (or planar spheres).

Different projections attempt to give ‘political’ advantage to the northern hemisphere, such as the Mercator cylindrical projection that is centred around the North Pole. But just as there are a variety of mathematical representations of the terrestrial sphere on which humans live and die, there is one element of commonality for each projection – all seek to combine the technology of the projection with elegance of style and artistic representation – Projections with Style, Art and Technology – Elegant Planispheres.

In these maps by ITAS, each country is formed as an individual piece in a different metal like a wonderful metal jig-saw puzzle. The use of materials such as mother of pearl, bronze, copper, steel, brass, aluminum, silver and 24 K gold enhances the artistic effect giving significant added value to the geographic work and turning it into a piece of art. The depth of field, the effects of the surface and the colour of the background (made of stone, wood, glass, steel, mother of pearl) then give elegance and sophistication to each map.

The challenge of this small company is to comply with the mathematical precision of the projection and, through the dexterity of some jobs and the choice of materials, confer value. Engravings, enameling and assembly, entirely by hand, convert these maps into ornate jewellery for the home, for a classy and important office, a work of art that has a mathematical basis – an ideal planisphere.

Just as in the Renaissance, training and experience catalyze the craftsman in the choice of instruments and projects appropriate to create each work of art.

Art and technology combine to create maps that leave you breathless with their beauty and catch the eye of the traveller who flies from one country to another, trying to remember the capitals and geographical boundaries of countries he has visited. ITAS planispheres may be a fine partner.

Gavin Tulloch

Scienziato e poeta. Ama la chimica, il vino, le donne e l’opera, ma non sappiamo in quale ordine