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This Thursday we talked about Minturno, a small village in the Province of Latina, a treasure trove of history and charm for all tastes, together with its Mayor Gerardo Stefanelli!

From the splendid castle to the panorama that extends over the sea. Minturno is a jewel of the Lazio Region. A village full of initiatives and life, to be absolutely visited is the archaeological area, which houses the wonderful Roman amphitheater, together with the nearby Ponte di Ferdinando II, one of the few examples of Bourbon architecture in Italy!

A village that we are waiting to find again, and that in the meantime you can meet with our Minturno Tourist Guide.

We continue our journey to discover the most beautiful and interesting villages of Lazio with our weekly appointment together with Radio Radio and ANCI Lazio, in the program “Amico Comune”, where every Thursday we talk about a town of the Lazio Region together with its Mayor.

We look forward to returning to attend its events once this emergency is over.

See you next week in the company of our listeners and another splendid Municipality of Lazio.

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