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Could we miss it? We follow the activities of the Pro Loco for months every Thursday with our newsletter. We tell of their festivals, their functions and activities. But, also we note when rain postpones events and creates misfortune.
We go to these festivals to take pictures for publishing, eat the typical dishes of local traditions and live with them in the joy of discovering ‘unknown’ villages, jewels that deserve to be known.
Local festivals and feasts, but also religious processions, have a particular evocative power and represent the Italian lifestyle experience that many foreigners seek in our country.
Surely then, come to this fair to professionalize the Pro Loco, because if the festivals are organized with greater care and good communication then they can be catalysts of a local economy linked to tourism.
And in the process of growth, improved communication must play an important role because today it is often limited to the posters that are published a week or two before the event. A poster can serve to remind people who in some way already are in contact with us but it cannot be a good tourism catalyst nor a way to get people excited.
Stories are the way to express positive emotions by Pro Loco and those who take part in their festivals. We need stories written from the heart but also knowing the techniques of writing for the web.
And we need stories written in other languages ​​because millions of foreign tourists are just waiting to be invited to share with them the excitement of a festival in Italy!
Our involvement at the ‘National Events Fair’ will be on Saturday afternoon and we will have a table where we can tell you what we do and where you can subscribe to our newsletter.

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