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The future is in our roots!

We participated in the Strategic Table for Tourism of the Roots organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A digital meeting and an opportunity to discuss in a “round table” attended by many realities from all over Italy.
Each one told about the specificities of his territory and the actions he has undertaken or intends to initiate to mend the link between Italians in Italy and beyond national borders. Many personalities who are building, like us, projects for the development of Tourism of the Roots.
In which direction are we going?
In recent years we have studied this phenomenon a lot thanks to our readers who follow us with interest from the other side of the oceans and we have created our Town Ambassador Award, a glocal award to thank all those who, after leaving, continued to promote their country .
Thanks to the award we had the opportunity to meet many Italian descendants abroad and to tell their stories in a column dedicated to them. Descendants from Scotland, America, Canada and Australia, who always have a keen desire to rediscover Italy and their roots.
A new way to build new bridges and ties between distant countries and to bring the millions of descendants who want to travel in the history of their family and want to come and discover and savor their roots, creating solid cultural bridges for the development of our territory. .
This meeting is just the beginning of a journey to reconnect our two countries!
Thanks to MAECI and its representatives who have had the patience to listen to all our stories and to their task of synthesis that they are carrying out with passion and seriousness.

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