How to react to Coronavirus? #italianisuperanotutto

Italy has become a Red Zone and after yet another decree we have been officially catapulted into the emergency. It is expected to be long, but we must not stop.

Depressing over it is not what we need!

We must be aware of the situation and reflect on how we will get up, from entrepreneurs to simple citizens we know that many things will change but there will be some certainties. Our roots and our beauty heritage will not change and we have decided to continue promoting the beauty of our countries.

After publishing the first videos, we received many stories and requests from people from all over Italy to describe their countries. Today it fell to Cariati, a jewel village birthplace of our friend Monica who also sent us some splendid photos to accompany the web guide.

Looking for information on Cariati, we also realized (strangely) that there was more information and stories in English, also written by people who are not local, than those in Italian.

What does it mean?

We must work harder to find stories to make those who don’t live in Italy fall in love. We must commit ourselves to love our country, to take care of it and to tell it to attract tourists who we want to experience the experiences of our countries.

We do not stop telling each other … we continue to tell Italy and …




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