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How to react to Coronavirus? #ilFuturoNelleNostreRadici

Let’s go to Albano Laziale. A quarantine that makes you think about our past for a better future …

We have published many articles these days: childhood memories, precious villages and sensations related to perfumes and colors that keep us close to the Italy we love. All this is happening in a period of blockade, you cannot go to school, barely to work and in many cases you are far from your families.

Despite the melancholy, some things continue, such as our work with the School of Cecchina, a fraction of Albano Laziale.

Before the pandemic, we had started a journey to discover our country with our “Tourism among the Banks” program. So many projects to bring, which have stopped for now, but we continue to hear each other, and the school has sent us the first thoughts and articles, not only about our path, but also the current situation.

Two precious stories, the first written by Professor Paola Aiello, a story full of memories of when in her childhood she was a spectator of the terrible earthquakes of Irpinia, and another written by one of her secondary school students named Giorgia.

Two testimonies of how in these periods of stillness we have time to think about the past, how we can learn, and how remembering our roots we can think of building a better future …


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