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This afternoon at 5:30 pm, in the conference room of the C.R.A. Credit Cooperative of Paliano, we will be presenting a guidebook to Paliano whose points of excellence and outstanding features amount to a tourist attraction all on their own! “” is a website that promotes local destinations through a story-telling technique designed to increase incoming flows of tourists to Lazio by focusing on its individual cities and towns.
A series of guidebooks accompanies the website, one for each of the 377 municipalities of the Lazio Region, with the exception of the City of Rome. The guidebooks take an innovative approach to describing the various areas of the region, providing a feel for the surrounding territory as a whole before taking a deeper look at the individual city or town.
Today we present Paliano, complete with all the compelling features, plus the treasures of the past, that make the town a must stop for any visitor to the area!

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