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We were guests of the 3 webinar organized by the Department of Education of the Municipality of Albano Laziale. Claudia Bettiol from Discoverplaces and Benedicta M. Lee participated in the discussion for our Turismo tra i Banchi project, a live interview entitled: Agenda 2030 e Turismo. An initiative part of the European Policies project of the Municipality of Albano Laziale, which was broadcast on the Facebook page of the Public Education Department of the Municipality of Castelli Romani.

During the webinar we talked about our two projects, a way of enhancing sustainable tourism starting with children, and continuing with the promotion and enhancement of the businesses of our territories. It is also a pleasure to speak together with the managers of the Zagarolo Wiki hostel, which brought many interesting observations on how the local structures are experiencing this post-COVID period, and the path they are taking towards the success of the objectives set by the 2030 Agenda.

A job that we have started and that will continue for us, online and offline!

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