An exhibition and a large program of events for the Horse Museum Foundation which debuts in a horse show. In fact, so far exhibitions and events had taken place in museums to bring artists closer to the equestrian world while now the goal is to bring sportsmen closer to art. And to make many children passionate about the world of the horse.
It starts on 13 February, the opening day of Cavalli in Rome, with the inauguration of the exhibition “La Libertà e il Cavallo” at 11.00 am. The exhibition displays part of the Horse Museum collection with a selection of the most original pieces in whose artists and craftsmen have interpreted the horse in a personal way. Do not miss the ‘smiling yellow horse’, a piece by a craftsman from Vancouver (Canada) or the Mexican Horses and Mariachi (Botero style) that were the most loved by children during a previous exhibition.
At the inauguration we will also present the artistic competition dedicated to adults and children and which we will also do in connection with the “Horse Emotions” prize, the winner will then be able to go and receive the prize in the next edition of Fieracavalli in Verona.
From Thursday, all the ‘equestrian enthusiasts’ of the foundation will entertain the children with a Quiz to test their knowledge of the sport horse but also of the horse in the world and in human history.
On Valentine’s Day, Friday 14 February at 11:00, the agreement protocol between FISE and Horse Museum will be signed, which is a good omen as an ‘engagement’. An afternoon “painting extemporaneous” will be organized together with the Liceo Artistico San Giuseppe of Grottaferrata with the high school students who will portray in their own way and by any means of expression, the activities that take place in the underlying Pony City.
Saturday afternoon creative workshops will be held with the girls of the Rocca Priora Library who will read horse stories and have children build small horses. At 16.00 in the afternoon, you will meet the sports photographer Massimo Argenziano who will tell his photos exposed in a section of the exhibition dedicated to sports photography.
Sunday will be dedicated to our Chinese corner to remember that 2020 is the year of Culture and Tourism between Italy and China and that even if we cannot meet in person, we will not forget how they are fighting against Coronavirus.
Some Chinese pieces are exhibited and one of our ‘fans’ will guide you to the knowledge of Chinese art by telling stories of Chinese horses. The relationship between China and Horses is so intense that one of the signs of the zodiac of the Chinese horoscope has been dedicated to this animal.

Here’s the program!

Thursday 13th of FEBRUARY (from 11:00 to 16:00)

11:00 am – Inauguration of the exhibition “Freedom and the Horse”
11:00 am – Presentation of the “Horse Emotions” award
11:00 am – Start of guided tours of the fair (Every day) and Quiz with prize! (Everyday)

Friday 14th of FEBRUARY (from 11:00 to 16:00)

10:00 – Extemporaneous painting with the artistic high school San Giuseppe di Grottaferrata
11:00 am – Signature of the agreement between F.I.S.E. and Horse Museum, with a final toast

Saturday 15th of FEBRUARY (from 11:00 to 16:00)

11:00 am – Creative workshop for children with the Rocca Priora library
16:00 – Meeting with the photographer Massimo Argenziano and presentation of his photographic exhibition on sports competitions

Sunday 16th of FEBRUARY (from 11:00 to 16:00)

11:00 – We celebrate the year of Culture Italy – China 2020!
Tales and stories of Chinese horses

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