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With your head in the clouds … by Fuksas
The Discoverplaces Team is at the Rome Convention Center, on Wednesday the 13th of November, to participate in the final event of FutourRoma 2019 – 2025, the Strategic Tourism Plan of the Municipality of Rome. An event and a program of “round tables” sessions, which is the culmination (and the beginning) of a long journey that we have undertaken with the Municipality of Rome, with which we have been protagonists and actors in previous meetings, within of the Lifestyle Table with the aim of creating new strategies for enhancing and strengthening the tourism sector of the capital.

The lines of the Rome Tourism Plan were presented to the Nuvola di Roma by the mayor Virginia Raggi and the commissioner Carlo Cafarotti. The event took place in various stages throughout the day which represented the complexity of Rome, one of the most beautiful but also difficult cities in the world.
2500 years of layered history along every street in the center and in every town in the surrounding area are a stimulus but also a brake on the modernization that is demanded by the new oriental tourists and by the young inhabitants of Rome themselves.
The afternoon was opened by the tales of the tables that did the preparatory work, including ours on Lifestyle led by Professor Marina Faccioli, and by a long speech by Josef Ejarque.
More than an intervention I would say a Lectio Magistralis in which he compared Rome with the other capitals of the world, he described the behavior of his tourists and what the city’s aspirations are for the next few years.
The afternoon ended with a cocktail where we were able to make many new contacts that will bear fruit in the coming months.

Let’s work together to make Rome more Iconic and “Friend of the Tourist”.

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