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We have reached the 50th article of our campaign!

A number that makes us very happy, and reassures us that Italy and love for our country is alive in everyone’s heart. Among the many difficulties and the initial shyness of our dear friends, we have come to this great number which is only the first step towards a future full of common stories and memories.

Let’s celebrate this milestone with the story of Eleonora Campoli, agriculture councilor of the village of Paliano, in the province of Frosinone.

Eleonora’s roots are deep, and intertwine with years of history and tradition, and are based on the recipes of her beloved grandmother. Today he tells us about the sour cherry tart, which in a mouthful tells of a life. A life and roots that Eleonora wants to share with her children.

And we are happy because Paliano is also our country.


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