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This Thursday we talked about San Vittore del Lazio, a splendid village in lower Lazio on the border with Campania and Molise, surrounded by the nature of an ancient land full of stories.

We continue on our journey to discover the most beautiful and interesting villages of Lazio with our weekly appointment together with Radio Radio and ANCI Lazio, in the broadcast “Amico Comune”.

Today we told the mayor Nadia Villa about the town of San Vittore del Lazio, a small town of great beauty.

San Vittore del Lazio is a jewel in the province of Frosinone, and we look forward to returning to participate in its events once this emergency is over.

A village that we look forward to visiting again, and that in the meantime you can get to know with our Tourist Guide of San Vittore del Lazio.

Until next week in the company of our listeners and another splendid Municipality of Lazio.

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