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If someone wants to sell something valuable, who should they look for?

Someone who can afford to spend without problems to have something unique!

Here, this is the definition of luxury.

Luxury is not the ostentation of wealth but the possibility of spending on something unique that only a few people can have.
With this idea in mind, we went to take part in one of the most interesting seminars of the last period (and we participate in many of them), in which we where told the needs and wants of Chinese tourists. They are mainly wealthy men and women between 25 and 44 who want to try something unique.
So we can say that the demand to visit our towns already exists, but are they ready?
The answer is absolutely NO. If they cannot face the already established European tourism of those who return to find their roots, most of our small towns are not psychologically and technically ready to supply the demand for new and exciting experiences by the modern Chinese tourist.
This is why we have founded a hospitality school to stimulate and give out knowledge to the small local operators. That is how and why FOT – Friend of Tourist, was born.


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