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As a tribute to the suffering of all the Chinese who are fighting for us and to 2020, the Year of Culture and Tourism between Italy and China, the Horse Museum Foundation and the portal have organized a corner dedicated to Chinese art in the horse.

The occasion is the exhibition of horses entitled “Freedom and the horse” which can be visited from 13 to 16 February within the Cavalli event in Rome inside the Fiera di Roma.
We created a corner with about thirty pieces that we found in our travels in China and on Sunday at 11 we will tell stories of China and its relationship with horses.
Did you know that the polo shirt was born in China? That the horse is the ‘ferryman’ of the souls of the dead and that is why he is a celestial figure? Did you know that there are many horses in the terracotta army? Do you know the Via del Te e dei Cavalli?
Claudia Bettiol and Bruno Grassetti will answer these questions and many others about China. Bruno was awarded the Friendship Medal by the Chinese government for his activity that began over thirty years ago.

You can watch the interview/video by clicking THIS LINK:

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