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An agreement has been signed between the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio and our website for the promotion of university research for the enhancement of the territory for tourism purposes.

Unicas intends to enhance the territories by making its know-how available to promote the excellence of Lazio, Molise and Campania. Territorial area with a strong tourist vocation that the Rector Giovanni Betta intends to support in the socio-economic process necessary for the realization of a real tourist economy.

Cultural and quality tourism, which requires intriguing stories especially in English, the second most common language in the world of tourism and business.

Discoverplaces is the ideal partner, a portal and a magazine promoting the local heritage in two languages ​​which has already mapped the Municipalities of Lazio, also creating tourist guides for individual towns.

“The cultural tourist is very demanding” says Claudia Bettiol founder of Discoverplaces, “and wants to discover something unique”. The particularities that emerge from the University’s research can be a motivational push to discover these wonderful but not so well known areas on the road.

This tourist is also very attentive to the local food and wine culture, Unicas and Discoverplaces will therefore tell not only the material heritage but also the intangible heritage, traditions and craftsmanship.

For some time the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio has started thematic research and created valuable documentary archives that attest to the excellence of the territory. A meticulous work, carried out by teachers and students. The ideas that emerged from many degree theses are really interesting. A scientific documentation that must be told in simpler language, stories to be enjoyed free of charge on the web and translated into English, intended to intrigue an international reader.

Unicas therefore intends to enhance its scientific results by connoting them ‘touristically’ thanks to the channels in use at Discoverplaces which, for its part, will re-tell these researches in the language of the tourist.

In the coming year and months, stories drawn from research on archeology, art, urban planning, food and wine, local music and much more will be published.

This collaborative synergy intends to offer valuable support to all those small businesses that with care and dedication take up the ancient local traditions and help to make known many small municipalities that are at risk of depopulation despite the beauty of their heritage.

Unicas, on the other hand, has for some years launched a communication aimed at promoting social practices useful for enhancing engagement with the Territory. One of the 2020-2022 communication objectives is to educate all external stakeholders, referable to all areas, to constantly use the hashtag #TerritorioUnicas for events, activities and projects in co-participation.



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