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How to keep young people in Italy by letting them enter the world of tourism services?

On the 17th of June at 3:00 PM on the 1st floor Meeting room of the University of Tor Vergata we will discuss together on how to help young people become entrepreneurs in this new tourism sector that has grown exponentially in recent years, both as a market than in innovation. A seminar to place the foundations of our program which we will start in the autumn with the start of the schools, all those who participate will contribute together with us in a brainstorming session to plan this action. An action that can help micro-businesses and small businesses to grow and, above all, to understand how to reach young people between 20 and 30 years of age to make them stay and create businesses in Italy in services for tourism.

The seminar is organized by in collaboration with the Faculty of Science of Tourism of the University of Tor Vergata.

We are waiting for you, for this day of sharing, to help our companies and our young people to see Italy as a country of opportunities, not to be left and abandoned.

A meeting at the University of Tor Vergata dedicated to all Town Ambassadors who received the award for maintaining a bond with their town of origin and continuing to promote it in various ways.
The occasion was a seminar dedicated to ‘young people and tourism’, where many young graduates in Italy are leaving the country because they cannot see any interesting prospects for them.
The meeting was divided into three parts: one dedicated to the testimonies of those who received our Town Ambassador award such as prof. Ivo Pulcini and architect Luca Calselli, because of their commitment and the genius with which they created solutions to promote the ‘minor territories’.
This was followed by a testimony and reflection with the many local administrators who arrived at the event, on how to promote their town. This was introduced and moderated by Prof Nicolò Costa and architect Luca Calselli who won for two years in a row the Lazio City of Culture Award, in 2018 and 2019. Also present a representative of the mayor of Colleferro, and Giuseppe Schiboni, mayor of San Felice Circeo.
At the end of the meeting, two Town Ambassadors certificates were awarded to architect Edoardo Filippucci of Albano Laziale and Antonio Moschetta, a young creative and proactive entrepreneur from the South of Italy.

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