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This Thursday we talked to Cosmo Mitrano the enterprising mayor of Gaeta, a beautiful village in the province of Latina, with beautiful beaches and engaging events that surprise the whole year … not just in the summer!

A pearl of the Lazio coast, we have described its beauties on several occasions, from architecture to history, to food and wine. A seaside village that surprises even with a simple walk through its historic center, a visit to the castle, especially during the Christmas period with the “luminarie” of Gaeta (lights) . Or in the places where the scenes of the “Game of Thrones” world series were filmed, such as the Grotta del Turco that we invite you to discover … and to visit! We had the pleasure of visiting the village and its castle with our program for schools “Tourism among the desks” during the European Researchers’ Night together with the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.

Not to be forgotten is the famous octopus Tiella, prepared by the expert hands of local restaurateurs.

A village that we are waiting to come back to, and that in the meantime you can get to know with our Tourist Guide of Gaeta.

We continue on our journey to discover the most beautiful and interesting villages of Lazio with our weekly appointment together with Radio Radio and ANCI Lazio, in the transmission “Amico Comune”, where every Thursday we talk about a town of the Lazio Region together with its Mayor.

Until next week in the company of our listeners and another splendid Municipality of Lazio.

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