How to react to Coronavirus? #italianisuperanotutto

Let us remember that “We are the most beautiful, and we will be forever.”

Italy never stops telling itself, and it is in times of need that we see those who love their country and its origins unconditionally.

A few days ago we met (virtually) Cinzia Lamberti, who told us the story of her family, connected to a mystery that unites three countries of Calabria and the Holy Grail in a single and harmonious story.

A truly compelling story!

Thanks to his love, we also started a digital journey to discover these Calabrian villages, we wrote their guides in Italian and English, and we started looking for photos to embellish the guide. This always thanks to the digital meeting with other loyalists who want to tell their villages by any means.

We continue to work and make you travel around Italy, in a virtual tour that is not made up only of images, but of emotions.

Thanks Cinzia!

We do not stop telling each other … we continue to tell Italy and …




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